Pet Peeve of the Day

If you are traveling North bound on the west side of the 101, please do not stop to stare at all the commotion going on at the Cardinals stadium. Yes, we are having the Superbowl here. Yes there are lots and lots and lots of tents going up in the parking lot. No, I do not know where everyone who is going to the Superbowl is going to park.

I had the pleasure today to enjoy the 101 as a parking lot. It seem the left lane is the worst for this because they can't see as well? I was sitting long enough to take out my phone and take a picture for all of you tempted to stop on the 101 and look. Here is what it looks like.

On another note, does anyone have an iphone? How is the camera on it? My phone takes horrible pictures even in bright daylight. I mean, I don't expect to be taking any award winning photographs with it, but a picture in full daylight without noise would be nice.

Feel free to add your pet peeves. LOL!