A cure for allergies | Alternative allergy CURE (not just a treatment)

Ok, on a serious note.  I’m sure someone in your family or someone close to you is affected by allergies.  My oldest son had some pretty bad food allergies when he was younger as well as some very severe environmental allergies.  He was on 4 medications a day to relieve his symptoms and we had to take an ER trip several times for allergy induced croup.  We studied and tried many alternative treatments/cures with only marginal success.  I was not going to put my baby through thousands of needles to maybe improve his allergies.

We also have close friends with incredibly severe allergies to wheat, dairy, soy to the point that even a small amount made him miserable.

Without telling you the long story, we all found Dr. Foster at Advanced Chiropractic and Allergy Relief.  Dr. Foster uses a system that is used all over the world unfortunately not widely used here although I am seeing it pop up more and more.

I won’t go into the specifics and I will tell you that my husband was very skeptical as well, but if you have a child with allergies or you yourself suffers from ANY prolonged symptoms that you don’t even know are related to allergies (chronic IBS, Eczema etc)  PLEASE at least consider finding this treatment in your area.

My son is CURED of his allergies.  We just finished up (he had to be re treated for dust because we found some more tiny allergens) but he just stopped taking his medicine and you would never know how severe this childs allergies were.  My friend’s son can now eat wheat, dairy, soy - whatever he wants with NO ill effects.  Even if you are skeptical what do you have to lose?  A little money?  You have everything to gain, total health and freedom from medications.  

I am not being paid for this (as it might sound LOL)  I just want everyone to realize that they do not have to live with allergies.  We wouldn’t accept that he had to take medication for the rest of his life or to have to avoid any food we didn’t have a label for, and you shouldn’t either.  If you aren’t in AZ take a look at this website to find a treatment near you.  

Feel free to message me on here with any questions, I can also give you any info on all the people I have seen cured.  Or you can call Dr. Foster’s office and leave a message with your address for a free DVD with a little bit of info on the system.  I just realized how long this is, and I probably won’t talk about it much but I believe you at least owe it to yourself to check it out.



P.S.  I will be starting a new tradition on the blog tomorrow “Wardrobe Wednesdays” but it won’t be MY wardrobe I’ll be featuring.