8 Gift ideas for the photographer / photo lover in your life!

I love browsing Etsy, not only because of the fun, new, and interesting things you can find, but because they are all handmade by small business men and women, most of them working out of their house.  I found some cute ideas for the person in your life who has a camera permanently attached to their hand.  I hope this helps someone!


1.  Capture Life…Hand Stamped Sterling Silver camera photography necklace by Cinnamon Sticks Boutique

2.  Photos inside Label Collection PDF (she also has these already printed in her shop) by Tiny Bazaar

3.  Large Camera Shaped Vinyl Chalkboard Decal by ten23designs

4.  Lacework custom camera strap by rhembein

5.  8 focus vintage camera cards by The craft pantry

6.  Smile Handprinted Letterpress Poster by rollandtumblepress

7.  Polaroid camera plushie by onelatenight

8.  Paparazzi Magnet or Push Pin set by kimiko611


There are many more, but these are just some that caught my eye.  Feel free to add any in the comments and let me know if it helped you find a gift for someone!