Gift ideas for the type / letter lover

There are tons of typography posters on Etsy so I tried to find something a little different.  There are 3 necklaces here, but they were just too cute.

1.  Double Initial Silver Plated Letterpress Necklace by EricaWeinerJewelry

2.  Block Printed Linen Zip Pouch by 1girl1boy

3.  Alphabet Soup by ModernPop

4.  Helvetica typography acrylic necklace by plastique

5.  Friends don’t let friends use Comic Sans - square pinback button or magnet by BarrelOfMonkeys

6.  Epershand Necklace by Isette

7.  Perpetual Calendar by orangebeautiful

8.  Silicon Gallies Next Generation Glass Tile Pendant Ctrl Z Necklace by capitolagirl


A funny story about helvetica (have you seen the documentary by the way?  Very interesting).  I took the boys to see “Shorts” a nickelodeon film at the theater.  The theater was pretty full and the movie was pretty cute.  The main girl charachter’s name was Helvetica.  Towards the end of the movie she made fun of one of the boys calling him a list of names something like snot face.  He said “Well, you’re a typeface”.  I laughed so. hard. and absolutely no one else in the theater was laughing which of course made me laugh even harder.  The boys had no clue what I was laughing about but the little one started laughing with me. 

Tomorrow I’ll do gift ideas for kids!  I’m having a little too much fun with this ;)