Ice cream man

I love that in AZ we still have the ice cream man coming around in late November AND its warm enough to stand outside barefoot in t-shirts and shorts and enjoy our ice cream!  I think November is my favorite month.  Thanksgiving should be around 77 degrees (F) and we can fully enjoy being outside without being cold (I hate being cold).  

I actually sewed something this weekend!   I’m so proud of myself, I’ll share pics tomorrow.  I took pictures of some friends this morning for their Christmas cards.  It was fun to be able to do so many in such a short amount of time and I’m glad I was able to fit them in.

I don’t think little man was feeling good today.  He was really cranky and fell asleep at 9 which is early for him on a Saturday!  Hopefully tomorrow he’ll be feeling more like himself.  I think I’m planning to do our Christmas card pics next weekend if everyone is on board.  I can’t wait although they usually don’t turn out the way they are in my head.