New layouts! | Scrapbooking again

I love how my mind can stop wandering about all the things that are stressing me out when I am scrapping.  I don’t really know what it is but I think my right brain shuts off my left brain when I start cutting and stamping and stitching.  I love it.

This first page was for a challenge at Studio Calico using 7 or more photos.  I had some trouble with this page and it turned out totally different than what I had in mind when I started.  I also now have 8-10 squares of patterned paper cut out that I didn’t use.  Will have to use that up soon.


And this one was for my sweet girl Kona.  I did not intend on doing the paw prints to begin with, but I made a mistake and got a small spot of ink on the pure white paper so instead of getting upset I decided to let Kona mess it up some more. 





 —Pictures removed for publishing.