Things I love lately

I haven’t done this before and I have a million things I want to share so I’ll try to keep it short this time.  Maybe I’ll do it again next week.

Have you been to Etsy yet?  If not, you must.  It’s a marketplace for handmade goods.  You have a chance to win a necklace from my fav. jewelry designer again!  Visit her blog for more info.  Here’s the necklace I’ve been eyeing from her lately.  You can find it here.



Then there are these so completely adorable stuffed animals from Cutesy but not CutesyHe’s my favorite for now.

  and I’m sorry but this cracks me up.  It’s beef and broccoli


Then there is this amazing print.  I LOVE letterpress.  I’d get my own and learn how to do it if I didn’t think my husband would freak at the thought of me starting another hobby right now.  Anyway, this is from the Tug Boat Print Shop and they hand draw and carve these designs into wood and then press them in their in house print shop.  What an awesome job!


This gorgeous print is also from Etsy.  You can find it here.

 I love these little black vinyl sticker from Red Velvet Art.  Their store is so cute!  I don’t know what I’d stick it on, but trust me, I’d find something!

These t-shirts from Jason Mraz’s store.  If you aren’t a big fan of Jason Mraz you won’t get the first one (it’s an avacado).



Wordle  I don’t know why but it is so fun.  I’m guessing because I love typography.  Here’s the one I made


This journaling card set from Studio Calico.  I bought a couple sets so I could frame the front and back.  Love them!

Ok I have more, but I may be boring you at this point.  Maybe I’ll do some more next week.