No more flourescent light!

Ok so looking at this first page has made me realize that it is definitely winter here, there are no natural light photos!  The day is too short for me.  Most of my photos are taken around 6pm or so and this time of year it’s too dark (and cold to me) for that.  Expect some new NATURAL light photos from me soon, I need to freshen up this first page!

If you are a photographer or hobbyist or just want a fun photo challenge, I started a group on Flickr.  I haven’t been able to successfully complete a 365 day challenge so I thought I’d start a challenge that maybe I can actually complete.  My ego is suffering a little, I need to accomplish something!  Anyway, the challenge is to take a photo every day in February of something you love.  February is the month of love after all.  If you’d like to play along come join the group over at Flickr and get ready to post a photo every day in February!