I’m kind of in love with the popularity of banners lately.  Circles, triangles, squares, it doesn’t matter I love them all.  There’s something so simple but so festive about them don’t you think?

I really wanted a banner for the porch but obviously paper wasn’t going to cut it.  So, I used Duct tape!  I saw something similar on a blog over the summer for a birthday party.  This stuff comes in all kinds of colors now - even clear!  I was hoping for black and glow in the dark but no luck finding it - so we went with black and blaze orange ha ha!  I used nylon string hoping it would hold up a little better, the banner went through a storm yesterday and is still up and looking good!

It’s pretty self explanatory, cut string to desired length (I melted the ends so it won’t fray) pull out a strip of duct tape (I leave it on the roll until I fold it over) fold over and cut.  You can leave it square or make it a shape like I did.  You could also tape another strip right next to it to make it bigger.

Think of all the holidays you could do this for!