So I had grand plans of posting and writing about the last couple of days for my “Week in the Life” project, but my computer is being reeeeaaaaally slow tonight.  Yesterday I attempted a couple of self portraits for my album.  I suppose I could have at least picked up the pillows, but I guess the project is about real life right?!  These are 2 of like 6 attempts at a self portrait and this is just in a mirror.  I haven’t gotten down the timer and focusing.


What a weekend I picked to do this though, we did a whole lot of nothing!  Lots of relaxing which isn’t usually us so I may have to just start with today and move on over next weekend.  I really want it to be a typical week and last weekend was not typical AT ALL.  

Today I worked quite a bit, big brother had swim lessons, we had a later dinner, and then went to Target where the boys stepped away from us, got lost, and proceeded to run around the entire store crying and looking for us.  So much for all the talks we had about what to do if we get separated.  Then I spent the last hour and a half trying to upload photos and it’s just not happening.  If anything the last couple days were a test run and I know what to expect for this week!