I had no idea I missed an entire week of blogging!  Back to school means learning a new schedule I guess.  My favorite part about 2nd grade is the little composition notebook he brings home from school with a letter written to someone in the family and we have to write back.  I love it!  1st grade is the same, but new because it’s all new for him, he loves the class mascot (stuffed animal) and can’t wait for his turn to take him home.

Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my good friend Melissa and her miracle baby boy (they weren’t supposed to be able to conceive).  I don’t do a good job of hosting and photographing at the same time (the picture below is of the dessert table, I forgot to get the snack table and even though the cake looks amazing I’m sure my mother in law would like you all to know that she got in a car accident on her way to my house!  Yes she is fine, but had to fix up the cake when she got here).  We’ll be doing her maternity photos soon and I get to photograph the birth of that sweet baby!  I am so excited and honored to be a part of that miracle!