Vote for Kona!

If you are on Facebook and want to help this cute puppy win

I’d love for you to vote for Kona! I don’t think you have to become a fan of the site to vote with this direct link but I’m not sure. If someone lets me know I can change that but HERE is the direct link and you can place 10 votes (keep clicking the paw print) a day. 

If you have extra time and feel like voting I’m sure Kona would give you an extra lick if she could ;) The contest is for Camp Bow Wow’s calendar and the top 60 highest votes get in the running to win the cover which would give us free services for a year at Camp Bow Wow. Kona LOVES it there and they have made it SO much easier for us to go on vacation. They even do daycare and I can watch her on the computer when we are away. It’s so funny!