My To Do List

Maybe if I get my to do list written down it will actually happen?


  • Refinish cedar chest
  • refnish C’s dresser/nightstand
  • order new nightstands for master
  • paint C’s room
  • paint great room (much to Jared’s dismay)
  • hang shelves/pictures around house
  • finish organizing scrap supplies/office
  • put shelving in P’s room
  • Clothes storage for P’s room

I think we will go see the Vietnam Veteran’s wall that is currently being displayed here. We’ve already talked about what being a Veteran is and how many we know. I think seeing the wall or the flags that we saw on 9/11 is just one small way to help my boys realize they are part of something so much bigger than we realize every day.

Thank you Veteran’s for protecting us and serving. Thank you family members of Veteran’s for allowing and supporting them through it.