Charged the point and shoot batter this time so it made for a tad better pictures ;) My little one is more of a Mama’s boy so he REALLY loves dates with me. We’ve done Build a Bear quite a few times on our dates (and they usually end up being a very expensive dog toy) so my only request was that we not do Build a Bear. He chose mini golf and dessert. We had lots of fun and the weather was SO gorgeous. He pouted when I won (why do I have a feeling that will NOT change as he gets older) but got over it when we decided to play video games. I learned that he doesn’t get the point of pinball and he learned that I’ll let him win at air hockey so the game will finally end LOL! We went to a favorite from my childhood Swenson’s for lunch/dessert. I’ll say it again - if you don’t go on dates with your kids - DO IT! You’ll love it, they’ll love it, and you’ll create better memories and relationships because of it.