I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but have always been waiting for the right “something”. The right scanner, the right time, the right album company, but when it comes down to it just doing it was more important in the end. I actually scanned these a while ago (the scans aren’t perfect becuase I have a very, very basic scanner) and finally got around to ordering the actual book.

I’m sure like every other new Kindergarten mom out there I saved SO many papers that he brought home. I weeded through and picked out the ones I thought were just genius or plain adorable. That still left me with a huge stack so instead of trying to hoard boxes of papers I thought I’d weed through again and scan a bunch of the papers that would get ruined over time, that weren’t unique enough to hang on to, or that just took up too much space. Then I VERY simply layed them out into an album and had it printed by MyPublisher . I love it and he loves it so it was a win - win!

I just love their fun packaging, makes getting mail that much more special :)

Little bit of a difference in the amount of space it takes up huh?!