I came across this iPhone app called Postagram. It takes one of your pictures, prints it on a postcard and mails it for you all for $.99! I REALLY loved that idea so I thought I’d give it a try.

I took a photo with my phone, opened the app and told it which photo to use, entered the address to send it to, put in my cc info (it says you’ll only need to do this once). I ordered on May 13 (a Friday) and it arrived at my house on May 18 (Thursday) so not too bad - it would have taken me WEEKS longer to remember to send a postcard at all!

Basically they send your photo printed on the card, but so that your recipient can pop out the photo to keep. The postcard is glossy and got scuffed up in the mail but the photo was still in very good condition (most of the scuffing was at the bottom). The photo punched out easily and still had the perforations on it but smoothed down easily as well. 

All in all I’d say for $.99 it’d definitely worth it and I’ll definitely be using it again - especially on vacation or for these special moments (like losing your first teeth)!

P.S. I was not payed or given anything to do this review - I just thought it was a fun app so I’d share :)