I’m feeling some changes for the blog. It has definitely become MUCH more of my scrapping/personal photography and that’s what I’ve concentrated on more in my life and I love the way it’s going! I’d love to know who are the regular readers and what you’d like to see more of though. 

I know when you read blogs in a reader it’s annoying to click over to post a comment but if you have a few seconds I’d love to know what you’d like to see me post about. More scrap pages? How I design them? Step by steps? More photo tips? More personal posts like what I wear or eat or something? More design/printables?

PLEASE tell me what to post! :P I know a lot of you won’t respond but I’d like to know I’m at least posting what you want to read!

So I don’t post without a photo here’s some SUPER cute oldies that I just added to my “to scrap” folder