So I got my haircut not too long ago and now shopping. What’s happening to me?! ;)

I was recently invited to attend a bloggers event at Down East Basics. I couldn’t refuse! I had never been to the store (going to new stores is NOT fun with 2 or 3 boys in tow) Jared is usually very encouraging and is awesome shopping with me but I just don’t like it. I hate looking through the racks to find what I need, I hate the waiting in line, just the whole thing. I must not be a very good female!

Anyway I really wanted to try out Down East Basics because I had heard a little bit about it on Twitter from my blogger friends. I had heard it being compared to Anthropologie but at a cheaper price point (cheaper is good). 

The boys and I headed to the mall - they went to the hat store and the Lego store and I headed to Down East Basics. The store is super cute with fun coordinating colors. It wasn’t too overwhelming and when I started looking through the clothing I was struck by how soft everything was. 

After mingling with MomEndeavors, Pink Cake Plate, Super Saving Sense, Worley House, I Heart Naptime, Jacquilyn Avery, and Pink Bow Bath Boutique I finally tried a handful of things on. 

Everything was soft! I ended up with 2 shirts and a tank. I REALLY loved a pair of jeans but needed them in a short length and was told they have them online. I didn’t get a picture of myself (oops!) but had a blast!

Have you ever shopped there?