The only apps I’ve purchased for my iPhone have been camera apps. I thought I’d share my favorites.

One of the reasons I chose the iPhone over another android was the camera. From what I’ve seen online and then what I found while playing with them in the store is the iPhone has a superior camera. The pictures come out more to my taste and just works better with me.

The standard camera app is a great app but there are some others that are just as fun.

Camera+ is $1.99 and does an awesome job of in phone editing. 

Hipstamatic $1.99 is a fun toy camera app. It has some great filters but is definitely more just a “for fun” app.

Instagram is probably my most used camera app. I just like the filters - especially Nashville because it’s the most forgiving in artificial light. (this app is free)

I posted about Postagram before - but it’s a fun app that will send a photo from your phone as a postcard.