I was just looking at my gorgeous stacking rings from Cinnamon Sticks

and I realize that almost all the jewelry I wear means something to me. Wedding ring, personalized necklaces and rings from Cinnamon Sticks - I love that I have things that mean more than just what they are. I don’t really have a pair of shoes from high school or an old sweater but I know a lot of people like to hang on to those things for sentimental reasons as well.

Anyway - I was posting to tell you that the silver stacking rings over at Cinnamon Sticks are on sale for $12 a piece! Seriously - $12 a gorgeous handmade (like she makes them by hand while her kids are sleeping - my kind of jewelry!) personalized ring. 

Hurry and go get some! Check off your holiday list early or just get something for yourself. I really, really, really love mine!