We decided to take a road trip out to visit family in Southern California this last weekend. We all had 3 days off and wanted to take advantage of it. That and while it was 110F here it was 80F there. 

We went to the reptile show, the beach twice, hung out with family, cruised in the Chevy, and took the boys on a surprise visit to Hollywood to go to the Ripley’s, Guiness World Records, and Wax museums. For whatever reason they have been talking about these for a while and were SO excited when they realized where we were.

My favorite parts of the weekend though was our beach (family) time!

Have I bored you with my vacation photos yet? I love everyday but there is just something about vacation even when you don’t have any specific plans. I love that we can be spontaneous with our vacations and just go with not a whole lot in mind.  Feeling cold salty wind was such a welcome change for all of us. 

The boys didn’t want to come home but were excited to go back to school and tell their friends all about their weekend. I think we’ve finally sunk into our new routine.