time: 11:59 pm
location: my kitchen
watching: Saturday Night Live
eating: nothing
drinking: water
wanting: my camera back (or a new one!)
needing: exercise
loving: creating
creating: Project Life and a full picture page
thinking: about moving, vacation, laundry, sleep, the boys, my blogs, my job…
wondering: what I’m going to do with the boys over spring break
feeling: nostalgic! I mean serioulsy with that face? I die.

And a friendly reminder to back up your photos. I use Backblaze. The price is right, the amount of space is right, it’s easy, and it works (I have had to retrieve files before) I have 2 externals hooked up right now so Backblaze knows that I still want them backed up (just have to plug them in every once in a while) But whatever you use, use something!