We are a little crazy moving but I wanted to pop in and just share some random Instagrams from the last week. I feel like they tell a story so well!

My little man turned EIGHT and breakfast with candles is a must

We went to dinner (his choice of Rainforest Cafe where I ate nothing because they were clueless about gluten)

A sleepover with glo party

and pool noodle light sabers

My mom was in town for the weekend so we hung out at the resort with her complete with Cosmo popsicles (for me not them)

An AZ sunset

C made me a special recipe for dessert

and while taking apart their bed last night we found evidence of monkeys jumping on the bed

Yes I’m WAY behind on Project Life - I started back up with this last week and will continue to fill in the “empty” weeks as time allows. Maybe they’ll get filled in, maybe they won’t. I’m ok with that.