Project Life 2012: Week 25

Hey look I completed a week of Project Life! I felt so overwhelmed with the weeks I’d missed that I just skipped them - I might go back and do them, I might not. Not going to dwell on it now!

Back to this week - I did a 6x12 page for the first time and loved it! I used the Design Editor’s templates found here and found that it made it SO quick and easy. I can set up my own but it can be time consuming and I had adding all those text fields. Using this premade template is so easy and looks great (which can also take me forever to accomplish) Speaking of Design Editor I also used her Glitter alphabet to make a quick 4x6 card for C’s birthday. Loved how that one came out! I’m also using her free template found here - basically she made my week so easy! She has some other cute things in her shop as well and her blog is a must read! I’ve gotten so many great tips over there.

Back to the 6x12 insert. I didn’t want to buy a pack of page protectors because I wasn’t sure how often I’d use an insert so I just made my own by sewing down the middle of a 12x12 protector and cutting the extra off!

I also used printables from Erica Hernandez at 2Peas, some Hello Forever, and some Flair for Buttons