Participating in Ali Edwards Challenge to share our “right now” or Currents


  • Time: 7:45am
  • Location: office//front room//desk
  • Watching: Nothing at the moment but loved the Season Premiere’s of New Girl and Modern Family. I’m still catching up on Parenthood and Mad Men on Netflix!
  • Eating: thinking about when I’m going to eat the leftover broccoli cheese soup from last night
  • Drinking: coffee//Vanilla Hazlenut//black
  • Feeling: excited//energized//in a crafty zone (which is good because I have a lot due)
  • Reading: Nothing at the moment but hoping to start Sweethaven Homecoming soon
  • Thinking: I need to get better at taking notes and recording ideas (Hmm I was thinking this last time and still haven’t done it) I also want a better way of keeping track of scheduled blog posts!
  • Wanting: the beach, the David’s Tea fall pack my mom bought and sent to me
  • Needing: to finish organizing my office (which should include a trip to IKEA)
  • Making: layouts for AC and getting a little “kit” put together to catch up on some Project Life at the Smash Ball next week
  • Loving: My new “job”, all the love from my online creative friends for my birthday


Currents taken from the awesomely talented Life.Love.Paper