• Time: 9:30 am
  • Location: office//front room//desk
  • Watching: LOVING Downton Abbey
  • Eating: thinking about leftover soup for lunch - is it lunch time yet?
  • Drinking: coffee//Chocolate Macadamia//black
  • Feeling: all over the place - so much to do so little time - need to make a list
  • Reading: Loved looking at Bone Apetit magazine I think we may need to subscribe! Also, I think I’m going to read Harry Potter again along with Colton he’s loving it!
  • Thinking: I need to clean up my workspace
  • Wanting: a housekeeper
  • Needing: to workout - my very tight hips are telling me that my muscles are getting too weak :/
  • Making: layouts for a top secret project that I get to reveal next month
  • Loving: Did I say Downton Abbey? ok other than that my Passat! Love it!

Jade fell in the freezing cold pool last night - luckily I saw her so made sure she was going towards the steps and immediately got her dry and in front of the fire. She’ll be 15 this year.

I just finished a sort of Valentiney layout for an AC blog hop on Thursday! I’ll have a giveaway so be sure to check in!


It sounds like this around here:

I just changed my comments on the blog - I’m using Disqus so let me know if you have any issues commenting.


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