I had started this last year and figured I’d actually finish and print it this year. (Isn’t that how it always goes?) I’ve seen a few of these around already, but I figured since I did them I’d share!

Super simple, super easy, just print! (we did ours on cardstock to make them a little nicer)

You can fill in the answers for little ones or hand over to your kids so they can do it all themselves. I like how my little one chose to add a little border :)


So, if you don’t feel like making something up on your own but want to give Dad a taste of how their kids view him feel free to download and print one for yourself!


Come see my brand new space - All for the Boys! An inspiration place for boys! There IS a lot of fun boy inspiration out there but sometimes hard to find so we’ve created a spot for boy inspiration, crafts, parties, fun DIY projects etc. My boys love it so far and love seeing what I’ve found. They are excited to give reviews on products as well!

I hope you’ll stop by and let me know what you think!

We’ve already put some fun stuff up as well as our first DIY project you won’t want to miss!


Yikes December crept up on me!  I wanted to have these done in time for you to start printing them out on the first but I don’t know that many of you will be reading this before packing those first December lunches.  Sorry about that!  At any rate, here is the first installment of the Christmas/Winter joke note cards :)  I hope you enjoy them - and just like the Halloween ones I’d love to hear/see pictures of what you did with them.  Some ideas I got were - treat bag toppers, make a little joke book on a book ring, advent calendar notes, inside of crackers, stocking stuffers…

Download note cards here!

Don’t miss VERSION 2 HERE!!


handmade projects


The Birthday Boy was fully involved with his party and he was thinking / planning the games first.  He LOVES birthday games so his games were pretty important to him ;)

For the first game we prepared a head of time by finding 10 different Lego pieces that we knew had at least 10 of the same kind.  I snapped a photo of each piece, printed and cut out each one so each boy had 10 pictures of 10 different Lego pieces.  Basically whoever found all 10 correct pieces first won the game.

The next game was the tower build and whoever had the tallest tower in 5 minutes won.  It was a little hard because they would try to build fast and then their tower would fall over so they would have to start over again.

And the last game was the speed build.  I bought them each a small Lego set and whoever built the set correctly first won the game but they all won because they got a Lego set! (and I won because it was silent in the house for like 8 minutes while they were all concentrating on building their sets)

We also had the Clutch Powers Lego movie playing in the background that they’d watch here and there during cake and opening presents.  Then we went outside to get rid of some energy by playing football and with dart guns.  It was such a fun party for all of us!


Part 1 the invitation

Part 2 the decorations and cake


Decorations were SUPER simple and quick.  I don’t think 8 year old boys look much at the decorations but I wanted to put something up.  I was really watching my budget so didn’t want to spend a lot.  I made some paper Legos to hang from a light fixture, and a couple banners.  Actually the birthday boy made most of the banners which is why the string goes both in front and behind the triangles but no one noticed ;)

My mother in law made the super cute cake!  (My house is a dungeon and it’s always so hard for me to get colors correct with all the yucky artificial light)

Part 3 the games coming tomorrow!

Part 1 the invitation

Part 3 the games


I was inspired by an invitation I saw here , but I really wanted to create something myself.  Here’s what I came up with!  The images used are mine :)  The tri-folds were purchased at Michaels.


Click here to download the file to use for your own party!  Personal use only please.


Part 2 the decorations and cake

Part 3 the games

For more boys inspiration visit my other blog All for the Boys


PLEASE READ: If you do not have Photoshop you will not be able to edit the text in the .psd file, you will have to type in the info in another program (using the .jpg files) or print the blank invite and write it in by hand. There is a free program called gimp (do a google search) that will allow you to edit .psd files. Also remember that this is a zipped file so you will need to unzip it to use the files inside. How to unzip on a pc how to unzip on a mac


The kids and I have lots of project ideas ready to go for this October.  They love Halloween, dressing up, spending time with friends and neighbors.  And they’ll love it if it ever cools down enough to feel like Fall!

This first project they don’t know about yet because it’s a surprise!

Halloween lunch box joke notes.  Super easy, just print, cut and throw one in their lunch box each morning.  I’m going to try and do one for the boys each day in October so I’d love any cute Halloween jokes you have!

I got a big pack of white cardstock a while back so I printed them on that.  I think it works out better because my boys are rough on their lunch and this way it doesn’t get smashed and wrinkled as easy (my almost 8 year old likes to save his notes in the pocket of his lunch box).

I know some of these will be hard for newer readers so I also have blank notes that you can write your own jokes or notes on!  If I can find more jokes I’ll make a new download when these 8 days are used up so feel free to share them in the comment section or email me if that is what you prefer.

You can download the joke notes here and the blank notes here  

Version 2 now available here!


Happy October!

Handmade Gift | DIY

There are some of the gifts I made this year.  All 3 were for early twenty year olds - 1 is a teacher the other 2 were students so I figured they could use a tote and some notepads, although now that I think about it - who couldn’t!  I saw all of these ideas on Ashley’s blog - she is SO talented and creative.

I made a custom tote, a notepad, notebook, and then I rolled up some matching paper and stuck it in a pen to pull those together.

Holiday DIY crafts | super easy kids ornaments and decorations

So we wanted to handcraft some fun things for our calendar swap partner.  I wanted the kids to be involved since everytime I start a craft they want to help!  If you have boys you understand that they don’t sit still very long or retain interest in one project for any length of time so I wanted some projects that were super easy, fun, and quick!

First I had really been wanting to try making a garland with paper that I had seen at several sites.  I really loved the ones that I had seen stitched but I don’t have a sewing machine so that was out of the question.  I KNEW I’d be using the gorgeous Divine Twine I bought to wrap my gifts in this year.   Check out Whitney’s other work too, she is amazing!  Anyway, I had the boys punch circles out of some different paper they had picked out using 2 different sized circle punches.  Then, I just cut a length of Divine Twine, took 2 of the same sized circles and glue-sticked them together (I think I just made a new word).  I didn’t measure lengths or anything like that (too time consuming for me).  I love how it turned out!





We also wanted to make ornaments, so while we had the paper out, I had seen some cute balls made out of paper as well.  Also, not wanting to bother measuring or anything like that, I cut some equal sized strips using the paper cutter (I think they are about 3/4” x 6”) the boys punched small holes and stuck them on to 2 brads on either end.  I attached some Divine Twine to the top.

This is how it was mailed, but all you do is spread out all the pieces of paper (on this one there is 20) to make a ball shape, and hang it up!  The baby was really upset that he couldn’t keep this so I have a feeling we’re going to be making more.



Now, these next ones we made before I had the Divine Twine and I personally think they’d be better with it.  (I am not being paid to advertise this stuff I just happed to think it’s the best stuff ever at the moment!)  Anyway, we bought some cinnamon scented pinecones at Michaels.  Yes, I live in the middle of the desert I have to buy my pinecones.  Then you squirt some white paint on a plate or bowl, have the kids gently roll the pinecone in the white paint and sprinkle on glitter!  Tie on a ribbon or string when it’s dry and you’re done!.  I used the white paint so it would look like snow.  Just using glue would dry and not give the effect I was going for.


Super easy Christmas or Holiday craft | DIY modern holiday decorations

We’re working on lots of fun stuff, but I made this up this evening and thought I’d share.  I wanted some fun framed holiday decorations, and something that was a little more modern.  First, I had this 12x12 shadow box frame I had picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Then I found a piece of scrapbook paper, you could use patterned but I found this shimmery silverish color

I found these little tubes of cute little bows for $1 and figured I could do something fun with them, so I figured, why not frame them?

I wanted them in a square, but you could do any shape.  A circle or triangle like a tree would be fun.  I measured, and penciled in a square, I ended up going with a 2 1/2” border.

Then just lay out all of the little bows into the shape.  25 little bows fit nicely into my square.  How appropriate.

Now, you could be very easy on yourself and just use the sticky back of the bows and stick them on, but I felt like being difficult and wanted to see what it would look like when I used these foamy sticky things I bought on clearance.

Stick them all on your paper and stand it up to make sure none fall off, then erase your guide lines.


Then, just pop it in the frame and you’re done!  My kind of project!

My Hallway | Chalkboard Calendar + Moo Cards Collage DIY

So I needed some sort of school organization since both boys are now in school.  I wanted a place where everything could gather that wasn’t the dining table + island + counter…  I also got asked every morning “Mom, do I need to wear tennis shoes today for PE or can I wear flip flops?”

I got the idea from Martha Stewart  but with the awful texturing on my walls were not going to work with a chalkboard!  I also really loved the idea of a chalkboard because while it can rub off, it doesn’t get on clothing and skin like dry erase marker can sometimes.  

I found the great hooks at Ikea.  They close up when not in use.  I’m still looking for one piece that is apparently called “j tubing” to hang above the magnetic strip so that I can set 2 clipboards on to use to sign papers or fill out forms without losing them in the office or kitchen.  It was interesting getting it all together but it finally worked out.  Let me know what you think!  I can put together a step by step if there is any interest.

Please try and ignore the ugly tile!  I’m saving up for new floors, but since the only thing wrong with these is that I think they’re ugly - they’re going to have to wait.

Since I’m showing you my hallway, I wanted to share these cute little collages I made up one night while Jared was out of town.  I bought a pack of Moo Cards and 3 Ikea frames and just glued them down so they fit.  I thought it was a perfect way to showcase all those little snapshots that mean so much to me.  People love looking at each one when they come over.  These 3 are just from 2004/2005.

Then further down the hall is where I hung this canvas

Handmade Pumpkins / Fall craft | I sewed something!

I first saw these adorable pumpkins over at Danielle’s adorable blog.  I thought they were so cute and she promised that they were easy and could be done without a sewing machine.  So, I begged her to make a step by step tutorial for someone who’s sewing level was about that of a 3 year old and she delivered! 

She made a step by step tutorial and included links to basic knots and stitches (all of which I used).  I honestly didn’t even know what a backstitch was.  I had heard the term before but had no idea what it was.  Not only that I had none of the materials on hand, not even a pin to hold the fabric still.

You can find her GREAT tutorial on her blog here.  I didn’t have any scraps of fabric so I just picked up some from the scrap pile at the store and 1 fat quarter (which apparently has something to do with quilting).  My first one came apart on both ends and took me HOURS to finish.  My second one wasn’t stuffed enough, but it’s ok because I did not have a long plastic knitting needle to pull the yarn through and I never would have gotten the yarn to go around if I had stuffed it more.  My last one (the little one) turned out pretty well.  Although now I understand why you try to find floss the color of the fabric you’re using oops!

I’m pretty proud of my cute little fall decorations and I’ll definitely be sewing again.  Maybe someday I’ll take a class to try and learn the sewing machine.  One thing I do want to know though - how do you know how long a piece of floss/thread to cut?  Mine were either too short or waaaaay too long and took me forever to pull through.  Is there some sort of secret equation?

Anyway, here they are!