Winner and December Daily

And the Winner of the Bossy Joscie Flair is…

lucky number 16 - Melinda T! Congrats Melinda I’ll be emailing you!

I am so excited for the holidays this year. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m ready. The cooler weather (you hear that AZ it’s time to get cooler), warm drinks, turning on my fireplace for the first time, sweaters, Christmas music, crafting, baking, I’m excited for all of it!

I’m just starting on my December Daily (here is last years) and will be sharing it here on my blog as well as some Saturdays at the American Crafts blog! I hope you all will follow along and share your December Daily pages and update links in the comments!

I’m using American Crafts products along with some Studio Calico and Crate Paper. I’ll also be collecting inspiring papers and elements from daily life. I’ll share more of what’s going into my December Daily next week but here is a good sampling! (the American Crafts line Kringle and Co isn’t available yet but I’ll share links as soon as it is!)


December Album Finished!

I finished my album last night and I’ll admit to completely pooping out at the end (is it appropriate to say pooping on a blog? oh well) I did pages 15-25 before picking Jared up at the airport at 11pm last night so I definitely just wanted to get it done. Still, I love that it’s finished and the boys have looked through it a dozen times already.

Now that that’s done I can take on Project Life!! 

I’m getting my stack of journaling cards ready

(this set from Pink Trike Design)


December Album Update

I REALLY love paper. I love the weight, the depth, the layers, the feel. I just do. I love digital too. I love ctrl z and the instant gratification. 

Here are a couple new days added to my album. I love seeing it on my desk with all it’s layers peeking out.

These printable tags are so fun for this project. A little birdie told me there may be lots more where those came from ;)

An elf and a journal

Melvin is back! We haven’t even gotten the Christmas decorations out but Melvin still found his way out. It’s a good thing he did too because it would have been really bad if he wasn’t magic and he wasn’t in his box in the attic that you have to get to in the ladder. And it’s really good that he is magic because if he wasn’t (and he wasn’t in his box) then I would have climbed into the attic for no reason and would have had to look all over the house to find him at 11pm. So, you know, it’s a good thing he’s magic.

The boys made him a stocking the other day out of an old soccer sock. He found the stocking and hung it up for the Holidays. 

In other non-magical news. I completed my December Daily/December Journal cover. 

I’m excited to add little details of our month.

He has finally gotten into the author Rick Riordan no matter how much I told him he’d like it I guess he needed to find it on his own.


So the album is finally finished and up on the Elle’s Studio Gallery so I thought I’d share it with you here as well.

Lot’s of Elle’s studio tags used - let me know if you have questions on any of them. All images were taken with my iPhone instagram app. Not sure I would do it again but it definitely worked for the crazy week I had. 

Sorry for all the images I just didn’t want you to have to click on each one if you wanted to see it bigger (I hate having to do that) 


It’s that time of year again. The time of year where I have deadlines of paperwork to turn in or I will officially be labeled worst mother ever. The time of year when piles of paperwork fill the house. The time of year when I go to Walmart at midnight since it’s the only store open and I just remembered that I don’t have the snack for tomorrow that I promised I’d bring.

School time.

I’ve been researching ways to organize the boys’ stuff better this year. I really want to catch up on their school albums. I always have good intentions.

I love the ideas of binders for the things I really can’t give up

from Real Simple

Maybe add some of these to put the work in until I file it away? I can hang them in our command central

from Better Homes and Gardens

Becky Higgins is coming out with a new school system soon. Maybe that will work?

How do you organize incoming school work?


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but have always been waiting for the right “something”. The right scanner, the right time, the right album company, but when it comes down to it just doing it was more important in the end. I actually scanned these a while ago (the scans aren’t perfect becuase I have a very, very basic scanner) and finally got around to ordering the actual book.

I’m sure like every other new Kindergarten mom out there I saved SO many papers that he brought home. I weeded through and picked out the ones I thought were just genius or plain adorable. That still left me with a huge stack so instead of trying to hoard boxes of papers I thought I’d weed through again and scan a bunch of the papers that would get ruined over time, that weren’t unique enough to hang on to, or that just took up too much space. Then I VERY simply layed them out into an album and had it printed by MyPublisher . I love it and he loves it so it was a win - win!

I just love their fun packaging, makes getting mail that much more special :)

Little bit of a difference in the amount of space it takes up huh?!


I *think* I’ve finally decided how I’m going to put together/display my P365 photos (besides doing one digital printed album at the end of the year). I’m going to do a mini album for each month so I have a place to add some keepsakes throughout the month (I don’t have any for Jan since I just decided to do this). I have a short attention span when it comes to these projects and it seems that if I don’t finish them right away I won’t finish them at all.  Needless to say it was important to me for this to be simple, quick, and easy while still being fun to put together and to look at. I learned a few things while doing this
- My adhesive sucks I’ll take any recs. you have!
- I need a date stamper
- I need LOTS more Elle’s studio. These tags were SO perfect for this project. Gave all the little details I wanted - without all the work!
- Need more Studio Calico and October Afternoon paper and stickers (it’s pretty much all I used).
- Need smaller rings.
- Need to decide on a sturdier cover, maybe just an acrylic?
- Did I mention I need a new adhesive?
Anyway here is my very first mini album ever!
Click HERE to see the February Mini Album