So a while ago Jared started making a platform bed for me. I just wanted something very simple and had a very small budget so we decided to make it.

It’s finally done and I thought I’d share it here on the blog.

You know, pictures of the completed bed, detail shots, etc. Only problem is 

this one thinks she needs to be in the way. All. The. Time. So I thought, ok I’ll let her get on the bed (which I never do she’s crazy!) and see if she’ll sit still while I take pictures.

I got one shot in

and she decided that the risk of Dad finding her on the bed was too great so she jumped off.

and decided to lay directly in front of the bed.

Did you see my sweet 13 year old girl laying over there nicely in HER bed?

But, when she gets attention - this one all of a sudden needs it and goes all psycho puppy

I guess I’ll try again when the room is finished :)


I came across this blog recently and I can’t get enough. The funny thing is I can’t understand it either lol! It’s in Norwegian and google transtlator only does a marginal job of translating, but that doesn’t stop me from being ridiculously inspired.

I want to craft, redecorate, and remodel so my house looks like her blog. Completely amazing and exactly what I would want if I was starting from scratch (maybe I’ll have to work my way towards this)

(I couldn’t figure out how to link directly to the posts where these images were)

Jared I’d even let you hang antlers if it looked like this!

She talks about the decor being white but not sterile. YES! I love that. I’m big into the metal/concrete/wood and white compliments it so beautifully.

I don’t think Jared would let me go for a white wood floor, but maybe a light gray stain or even cement?

I want to Pin her entire blog. Kjersti you inspire me like no one else!

A few more pictures of my house | Wall Galleries

Since I shared a couple from my hallway, I thought I’d share a few more.  I just added a few from our recent family session to this display in the great room.

I thought I had shared this one before but I guess not!  This is a display in our front room the pictures / frames are 19 3/4” x 19 3/4”.  I have no clue what I’m doing with this room.  For now our old dining table is in there and the boys mostly use it for games, coloring, playing on.

This is obviously completely in progress.  This is above the couch in the front room where the boys play.  They picked the starfish so I wanted to have them in this room.  Not sure what else I’m going to put up there or what is going in those frames.

And this is our bedroom.  The bed is really tall and covers up most of the Ikea headboard - not really the point of the headboard, but it’s what I have for now.  I also want to add something up above those 2 windows, not curtains, but something.

And here are the cute little plant things (technical term) I made up to put in the bathroom and a quick little view of the mirrors I painted to replace the giant original mirror that I broke while painting.