Where I've been

Figuring out and cutting with my new Portrait!

I got the portrait to save space + money. So far so good! I’ve only cut a few things but plan on adding a lot of cut files to my pages and projects!

I also put up a free print download on All for the Everyday if you’re looking for some new printable art for your space

This weekend I am bound and determined to get rid of a LOT of stuff in this house. There is just too much that we don’t need. Wish me luck!


And the winner of the American Crafts Valentine’s Day blog hop is:

ANNE F who said:

“Wow - love love love your layout! The photo is super fun and I love how you stitched that triangle. So cool! Just like your photo. ;)”

Anne you didn’t leave your email so please email me to claim your prize! allisonwaken at gmail dot com


In other news we had the most amazing staycation this weekend. That last post was supposed to have a photo but guess it didn’t work posting from my phone!

Studio Calico Neverland sneaks up next!


  • Time: 9:30 am
  • Location: office//front room//desk
  • Watching: LOVING Downton Abbey
  • Eating: thinking about leftover soup for lunch - is it lunch time yet?
  • Drinking: coffee//Chocolate Macadamia//black
  • Feeling: all over the place - so much to do so little time - need to make a list
  • Reading: Loved looking at Bone Apetit magazine I think we may need to subscribe! Also, I think I’m going to read Harry Potter again along with Colton he’s loving it!
  • Thinking: I need to clean up my workspace
  • Wanting: a housekeeper
  • Needing: to workout - my very tight hips are telling me that my muscles are getting too weak :/
  • Making: layouts for a top secret project that I get to reveal next month
  • Loving: Did I say Downton Abbey? ok other than that my Passat! Love it!

Jade fell in the freezing cold pool last night - luckily I saw her so made sure she was going towards the steps and immediately got her dry and in front of the fire. She’ll be 15 this year.

I just finished a sort of Valentiney layout for an AC blog hop on Thursday! I’ll have a giveaway so be sure to check in!


It sounds like this around here:

I just changed my comments on the blog - I’m using Disqus so let me know if you have any issues commenting.


Currents from Life.Love.Paper


I am so excited to finish up my complete “branding” if you will across all my sites. Some of you may already be following my site All for the Boys. It has definitely grown more than I could have imagined this last year and I’m so exctied to see where it goes.

I can’t wait to add more projects and content to this blog as well which will be changing to

All for the Memories

You shouldn’t have a problem with your RSS feeds or anything like that because I won’t be removing the existing ones. I just wanted you to know in case you started seeing title changes. I’m excited to complete my sites and get them all working together. You may not know about yet one other site I have (because it’s been a secret for now) All for the Everyday. You can access both of my other blogs in the menu bar of this (or any other one) if you want to see what else we are up to! 

All for the Everyday will encompass everything that doesn’t quite go into this blog - gluten free recipes, DIY house projects, Phoenix adventures, fashion (hahaha!) etc. I hope you’ll join me over there as well!


I am definitely a random person so I happen to like random posts!

The Color Run is this weekend!

Little man and I are excited but a little concerned about the chance of rain. Us desert dwellers don’t know how to run in the rain! Could be an interesting mess!

I have a few sneaks of my PL only kit from Studio Calico’s Front Row!

My mom said she likes when I scrap with old photos so I think it’s time to print a stack of some oldies! I love printing with MPIX if I don’t have a last minute deadline so I think I’ll place a nice order with them this weekend!

I got a lot of comments on my iPhone 5 case at CHA so if you wanted to know I have this one

The color is much more muted and “minty” in person which I was happy about! 

I have plans for some step by step tutorials that some of you had inquired about in the past. Learning the ropes of video editing so hopefully I’ll have something for you soon. Even if it’s a short one to begin with. I’ll still take requests as well if there’s anything you’d like to see!

Photo of the Weekend

Haven’t done one of these in a while! I have some pages to share but wanted to pop in and share a couple photos from our trip to the art museum!

LOVING this age right now. I say that all the time but really, these boys are so smart, fun, funny, entertaining, and all around great boys.


Just some randomness from me today

I just bought this weekly Moleskine planner to jot down notes throughout the day for Project Life. A couple things I love about it is that it has the week #’s on it (yay!) and it has a nice pocket in the back for stashing memorabilia! Plus it’s only $7

I’m still looking for a good all around planner for my life. I use google calendar but I’d like something tangible I can write in especially for crafty/blogging deadlines! I’ve heard great things about Erin Condren

The boys declared this the best Christmas ever. (They do every year) we had a great day 

I’ll be chatting at the Studio Calico reveal tonight! Will you be there?

I saw this storage piece at the Potato Barn last weekend and fell in love. I need it!

The boys went swimming at Grandma’s hotel yesterday - then they bundled up in beanies, scarves, and coats for Zoolights. Gotta love AZ!


Time: 10:00am

Location: office//front room//desk

Watching: Mad Men (just starting season 5 I got sucked in!)

Eating: scrambled eggs and bacon

Drinking: coffee//Sprouts chocolate and mac nut mixed together//blackFeeling: craftily uninspired//restless//ready to tackle lots of projects

Reading: $100 Startup - great book!

Thinking: I need to get better at taking notes and recording ideas

Wanting: to work on my yearly photobooks (not going to happen too much else going on)

Needing: to organize my office

Making: layouts for TSR//layouts for AC//maybe a spread or two in Project Life

Loving: my new iPad and iMac - LOVE

Currents taken from the awesomely talented Life.Love.Paper


I have been a little pre-occupied lately

With my brand new iMac!!! I am crazy excited about it. The funny thing it a lot of it is the little things - like correct color. My old (7 year) macbook had some huge color issues when I upgraded my OS and I haven’t been able to edit photos. at. all. I’ve just been taking them off the camera. If I tried to edit them it screwed them all up. I may also be a tad excited about not having to hide my actions so I can see my entire photo in PS. The 27” screen is pretty amazing. (Oh and I might have accidentally bought an iPad too)

I’ll be back with some layouts and photos and all kinds of fun stuff!

The Words from Wordless Wednesday

So the story behind this photo:

When the boys and I were in CA last we stayed with my Mom for a few days. We visited Irvine Park (and the zoo). First while at the zoo a bee landed on my leg while I was standing and proceeded to crawl up my shorts. After a breif freak out session trying not to move quickly and scare it into stinging me in inappropriate (and painful) locations, it flew out. Thank you Lord.

We were trying to decide whether we wanted to rent paddle boats or bikes. We decided on the bikes since we could go farther than a small pond. The boys chose these bikes and we started off fine (besides having to pedal ourselves because the boys would randomly break or stop pedaling uphill). We switched kids and took these photos

(I’m AllisonWaken on Instagram)

Then we proceeded to get in a little speed competition which happened to come right before a downhill stretch. Right before the downhill I got in front so we sped downhill and turned right. For whatever reason my mom decided to turn left. But, um, apparently she turned a little too…fast? Luckily it landed on her side and besides a few scrapes on her they were fine.

After a near death experience bee sting and a bike roll over we decided to call it a day and get some ice cream :)




Yep we have them. And not the kind in the yard, we actually have cages for them in the house. When Jared and I were first married we had a zoo. Dogs, fish, parrots, lizards, and lots of snakes. Jared breeds them and sells them. Once the boys came the zoo had to go. Now that the boys are older guess what’s coming back? Yep. The zoo.

These are Ball Pythons. We have 2 females and a male (and now 4 babies). Jared likes to see what unique color patterns he can get. The boys are loving it so far. Snakes are pretty easy. They don’t smell, they eat once a week, and the clean up is pretty easy. And, um, their food in this house doesn’t come live, just frozen. Have I officially freaked you out yet?


We are a little crazy moving but I wanted to pop in and just share some random Instagrams from the last week. I feel like they tell a story so well!

My little man turned EIGHT and breakfast with candles is a must

We went to dinner (his choice of Rainforest Cafe where I ate nothing because they were clueless about gluten)

A sleepover with glo party

and pool noodle light sabers

My mom was in town for the weekend so we hung out at the resort with her complete with Cosmo popsicles (for me not them)

An AZ sunset

C made me a special recipe for dessert

and while taking apart their bed last night we found evidence of monkeys jumping on the bed

Yes I’m WAY behind on Project Life - I started back up with this last week and will continue to fill in the “empty” weeks as time allows. Maybe they’ll get filled in, maybe they won’t. I’m ok with that.


I have SO many moments that I’d like to do-over. Nothing serious I don’t think, but so many things that could be made easier if I would have done them differently in the first place. SO many. I love the idea Frigidaire had to write about do-overs! Well, not the do-over part but the idea of writing about them. From Frigidaire:

 The Frigidaire Gallery™Dishwasher gets dishes fully cleaned the first time, so there are no dish do-overs. Nearly half of adults admit to re-washing and/or re-drying dishes after the dishwasher cycle has been completed. To prevent dishwasher do-overs, Frigidaire® is stepping in with its new Gallery® Dishwasher featuring the OrbitCleanTM Wash Arm, ensuring dishes are cleaned right the first time.

I’m the type of person that will get an idea or “itch” to do something and as soon as there is enough time I’m ready to go. Jared’s not always ready when I am. I’ve put up many shelves, built dressers, desks and who knows what else until 2am in the morning just to get them done the same day we bought them. 

Jared was going out of town which I took as a GREAT opportunity to paint our bedroom. We had a very large standard bathroom mirror in the master bath (it was about 68/70” x 48”). Painting around the mirror was the only thing left to do and the only thing keeping my project from being finished. So I’m standing on the counter with a cup of paint next to me and a paint brush in my hand. I decide that I’d move the clips and just slightly pull the mirror away from the wall a bit on the edges to get the paint behind the mirror. 

I expected the mirror to have a TON of glue like our guest bathroom mirror, but this apparently wasn’t the case. As I pulled the mirror away a bit on the 2nd corner I heard a noise and the entire mirror released from the wall and hit the counter below. I somehow, some way stopped the mirror as it hit the counter but it had already cracked into 3 pieces. 

So I’m standing on the counter (barefoot - I’m always barefoot) holding 3 huge pieces of glass, which together are bigger than me, and no one home but my sleeping children. I contemplated calling someone but I didn’t have my phone on me. I still don’t really know how I managed it but I was able to hold up the other pieces as I very, very carefully got the first piece to the ground. The other 2 were a bit easier and can you believe I made it out with only a tiny scratch? I kind of wish I had it on video (or at least a photo).

I then had to make the call to Jared to tell him we needed new mirrors. I think he’s used to my shenanigans at this point but I still find new ways to make him shake his head now and then. So yes, if I could do it over I definitely would not be pulling the mirror away from the wall and definitely NOT when home alone. 

However, there is a silver lining! I got much more attractive mirrors to hang up (and the painting was easier).

I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

Catch Up

I didn’t realize that the last time I posted was last Wednesday! We had a change of plans over the weekend and watched 2 extra boys for some friends who got to fly last minute to pick up their 2 kids they just adopted from Ethiopia. I have the extreme pleasure of photographing their homecoming! I can’t wait!

Saturday I had promised Parker that we’d go on a date and he chose the Science Center. 

My favorite part (which I wasn’t sure if I’d like) was Van Gogh Alive (the experience) which put his life’s work as a slide show shown on giant walls around the room to music with his quotes displayed as the slideshow went on. It’s really hard to explain and photography wasn’t allowed, but even Parker wanted to just sit and experience it for a good 15 minutes. My favorite quote:

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

Then Parker got hives, the kids woke up at 5am on Easter, I am in the middle of a bad reaction to gluten and a lot more. It was a weekend that’s for sure!


time: 11:59 pm
location: my kitchen
watching: Saturday Night Live
eating: nothing
drinking: water
wanting: my camera back (or a new one!)
needing: exercise
loving: creating
creating: Project Life and a full picture page
thinking: about moving, vacation, laundry, sleep, the boys, my blogs, my job…
wondering: what I’m going to do with the boys over spring break
feeling: nostalgic! I mean serioulsy with that face? I die.

And a friendly reminder to back up your photos. I use Backblaze. The price is right, the amount of space is right, it’s easy, and it works (I have had to retrieve files before) I have 2 externals hooked up right now so Backblaze knows that I still want them backed up (just have to plug them in every once in a while) But whatever you use, use something!