Photo of the Weekend

Haven’t done one of these in a while! I have some pages to share but wanted to pop in and share a couple photos from our trip to the art museum!

LOVING this age right now. I say that all the time but really, these boys are so smart, fun, funny, entertaining, and all around great boys.

Color Me Rad!

If you ever get a chance to do a colorful run of any sort in your area (there are lots of them now) DO IT! It’s so much fun! My little man was REALLY wanting to do it with us so he had a very fun first 5K experience (they may all be a let down from here). We did the Color Me Rad run

BEFORE (I covered the top of my head because any supposedly “wash out” color does not like to wash out of this naturally blonde non-color treated hair. My hair soaks any color up like a sponge and doesn’t let go!)


P.S. today is the last day to get your entries in for the Bossy Joscie Flair giveaway!


Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I got sick again from gluten and was pretty much out for 2 weeks. Starting to feel like my normal self again though and talking doesn’t hurt anymore much to my husband’s dismay ;)

Jared’s birthday was yesterday and he got a couple more bottles of his fav to add to his collection

Since I was feeling a bit better we went to the movies and bookstore. Colton read to me. We had to catch up on our Mo Willems

I need to break out the big camera a bit more (or at all). I think a new lens would help don’t you? Thinking of going wider for my next one.

Photo of the Weekend

Camera is still in the shop, not that I would have pulled it out this weekend anyway! I need to photograph some pages for assignments so if it doesn’t come home soon I’m going to have to borrow one.

The weather this weekend was perfect 80-85F and perfect cool evenings. We ended the weekend with Froyo and a game of I spy in the grass.


Star Wars 3D - I love how excited they were to see it :)

And some “excitement” from the end of the week

Our sweet Jade wandered off when one of the boys left the garage door open. We didn’t realize for a while but then spent hours late at night searching for her with no luck. After a night of no sleep we tried again in the morning. Our neighbors offered to look while we took a break and he just happened to come upon a lady outside with her dog so he asked if she had seen anything. She happened to be the lady who took our sweet girl in for the night! She was very scared and had been bitten on the neck by another dog, but seems to be healing ok now and calming down. I think she’s more than thrilled to be back at home on her favorite bed. I know we are.

Photos of the Weekend

I had the immense pleasure of seeing this sweet girl make her entrance into the world. I can’t think of a greater experience than witnessing a birth. It’s truly amazing. I photographed that little man up there as well. Both different labors and experiences. We didn’t know going in if she’d be a boy or girl so her coming out was so different waiting to see what she was!

Then the experience of her brother seeing her for the first time realizing that it was actually a real live baby wrapped up in that blanket. Truly beautiful.

Yay 2012! Photo of the Weekend

I love new years! It always feels like a new start.

We started with a family hike

I’m excited to see what this year brings. Getty asked for some of my photos to be a part of their Flickr collection for sale. The funny thing is the photos are the ones I would have least expected. Just random everyday photos most of the boys. 

We are starting Project Life this week! 

It’s also time to start thinking/acting upon bettering our health (hence the New Years hike) I’m hoping to add a lot more yoga to my schedule to help releave some stress. Anyone have any yoga DVD’s they like to do at home? I’d like to take some classes but I’ve been MUCH more successful with at home workouts time wise.

Photo of the Weekend

From the iphone

My mom and I went shopping on Saturday. I wish we could do it more often. Just the two of us. She’s moving soon :( More reason to visit CA I guess. 

We spent a lot of time at Lululemon and oh my word I want the whole store. My friend Kristin told me I’d love it and I so, so do. It’s cute, so crazy comfortable, fits well, and just feels good. Unfortunately I’d break the bank if I bought the whole store! I may have gotten a few shirts though ;) and I was teasing my Mom that I was going to “accidentally” drop her jacket into my bag.

We always see Santa at an outdoor shopping center near our house but we procrastinated too long and his times were all filled up. Oops! We’ll have to find another one this week (which should be fun). 

I have lots of things I want to do but no time to do them. The boys even have school still this week!

Photos of the Weekend

#2 and I stopped at a few garage sales looking for something in particular (we didn’t find it) BUT he found what he considers the find of the year. A box of old Legos including early Harry Potter and a Egyptian set. He was ecstatic. It kept them busy the whole weekend.

We had an early Thanksgiving at my Mom’s. #1 loves to “play” pool at her house!

Photo of the Weekend

Ok I’ll admit, it’s the only photo I took of our family (even thought none of us are in it) this weekend. I did a shoot for some good friends but nothing for us. Oops! I find it so hard to juggle work, blogging, and personal photo taking. I seem to get or two done but not all three on a regular basis. 

We love playing UNO. I think it’s a favorite because it’s easy to play, there are no big pieces, there are no batteries, and it isn’t loud. The baby and I love playing war, but for a family game they usually choose UNO.


Photo of the Weekend

I think we had a half blinker, but it’s a picture of me AND both the boys.

Yesterday was my birthday. The big 2-9. The last year in my twenties. How does this happen?!

The boys and I had big plans to celebrate my birthday by doing 29 random acts of kidness (although planning it kind of takes out the randomness I guess) but I was starting to feel like I was getting sick on Saturday (the  youngest just had strep) so instead of running all around town I thought I’d better take it easy. I think it worked because I’m feeling better!

I worked on moving my home office but it’s definitely not done yet. I’ll share pictures when it is!